Manufacturer of technical brushes



We specialize in the delivery of spare parts for the maintenance of process lines in various production plants. We can offer a highly specialized assortment for the industrial companies. We supply our customers with products necessary for the effective company functioning. We provide full logistics for ongoing projects.

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Our clients portfolio includes medium and large companies from various branches: food, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, heavy industry as well as the shipyards and mines. We also stock companies from other economic sectors and work with partners supporting large customers in the outsourcing of production maintenance processes.

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We are a company that provides highly specialized products for the manufacturing industry.

When starting any cooperation, we carefully analyze the expectations and needs of customers to offer products perfectly suited to their business objectives. We approach each order with full professionalism, reliability and transparency.

Our team consists of professionals with several years of experience who become part of the client's team when working with them, reviewing, advising and proposing the best solutions. We specialize in solving problems, so our clients can focus on key areas of their business.

We like what we do and we're good at it... It's our passion.

If there is any secret to a success,
It is the ability to take someone else's
point of view and seeing that perspective
with equal ease as your own.

Henry Ford



For several years we have been cooperating with manufacturing companies, suppliers of highly specialized equipment and machinery. During the time we have been building our competences, network of partners, logistics and sales. We have drawn conclusions, we have gained trust - thanks to that we are able to guarantee our customers perfectly fitted solutions to their problems and provide the highest quality of service.


We support the transparent communication and dialogue. We listen carefully in order to effectively identify the needs and expectations of our clients. We are open to suggestions and comments both during the cooperation and after finalizing the project. Thanks to this, each transaction carried out by us guarantees full satisfaction of our clients.


We approach each project individually, we look for new solutions, we are flexible and open-minded. We constantly improve our skills, develop a network of partners and suppliers, bearing in mind that our development will help with the expansion of our customers.


It is not a promise - it is a guarantee. We provide our customers with "peace of mind", a sense of security at every stage of the project. We act comprehensively, providing solutions to improve every area of a business.



We will be happy to answer any question and help you choose the optimal solution for your company.

soUNIQ sp. z o.o.
ul. Komorowicka 140
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

KRS: 0000715000
NIP: 547-21-92-050
REGON: 369298060

mob: +48 603 898 024

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soUNIQ Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Bielsko-Biała 43-300, 140 Komorowicka Street, entered in the National Court Register - Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Bielsko-Biała VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000715000, NIP: 5472192050, REGON: 369298060, with share capital 250 000.00 PLN paid in full.

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