The soUNIQ company has a range of V-belt brushes that are typically designed for cross-cut cleaning. Their design allows the filling to be placed in a plastic belt. The V-belt is mounted on wheels with a special groove.

V-belt brushes are resistant to dust, dirt, moisture, oil, grease and common chemicals. In addition, they are perfect for use in small spaces. They can be supplied in both open and endless versions. Their distinguishing features include high durability, operating temperatures from -15°C to +80°C, and linear speed up to: 20 m/sec.


The V-belt design can be based on various materials, as well as more recently silicone, which are more flexible and can run longer without breaking.

The most common standard sizes are:
17 x 11, 20 x 12; 22 x 14;


(a x b - width x height)

V-belt brush design

Bundles of filler material are drilled and punched into the plastic strip. Due to usually small sizes, no more than 2 rows are used.


Brushes on V-belts offered by the soUNIQ are most often used in the woodworking industry for transverse cleaning. Similarly, such brushes can be found in the food industry - for example, for cleaning bakery trays, where we have been providing ready-made solutions for years. These types of tools can be used to move and segregate products, also assist in transportation. Brushes equipped with natural filling pass the test of removing electrostatic charge.


Brush on V-belt in open version with a beginning and an ending