Technical brushes - this is one of the widest tool industries. The number of solutions is only limited by creativity and current needs of customers. The variety of applications makes them an interesting form of passion that possessed us. Our specialists have been dealing with this assortment for over ten years, advising Customers on the selection and use, also proposing the automation of selected elements of processes, responding to the challenges and needs encountered.

Over this period of time we have gained knowledge and experience, but we still care about expanding the skill and developing our passion, which accompanies and is inscribed in the purpose and mission of the soUNIQ Company.

We are aware that each customer has unique needs and expectations and faces different problems to solve, for which there are no universal answers and tools to support. We fully understand it and learn every day, we share our knowledge and experience, therefore we want to be perceived as specialists in this interesting industry.

Technical brushes can be divided into many categories, e.g. by shape, design, working conditions, standards they meet, application and industry in which they are used.

Thanks to our cooperation with many worldwide tool manufacturers we are able to approach each customer individually, offering the best solutions. If possible, we always try to present variant proposals, highlighting all the benefits resulting from the use of each of them. Different brushes from different manufacturers can achieve the targets. However, we would like to draw your attention not only to the economic benefits but also to the additional possibilities offered by the use of the proposed brush solutions.