The market demand for strip brushes has necessitated their ease of installation. As a result, they are quickly equipped with different types of profiles, which can be easily inserted and replaced. Due to their varied applications, ranging from construction work to heavy-duty use as scrapers, for example, brushes can be equipped with profiles made of plastic, aluminium and galvanised or stainless steel.


The cheapest and most aggressive form are brushes mounted in a plastic profile. They gained their popularity mainly as sealing of doors and sliding gates. They provide sufficient acoustic and thermal insulation and their low price makes them an extremely attractive offer. Additional ease and thus an interesting alternative is the ease of changing the color of the profile.


The brush consists of two parts. A plastic profile and a replaceable brush strand that slides into it.


Below is the most popular type of plastic profile band brush.


Brush width: 8,5 mm;
PVC profile height: 40 mm;
Overall brush height (G): according to individual requirements, in the photo 100 mm, at the brush height 60 mm,
Filling material: according to individual demand, in the photo PP (polypropylene filament) of a single hair diameter of 0,18 mm, straight, smooth, black,
Brush lenght: standard lenght is 1000 mm. We can produce other lengths upon request.

Strip brushes with plastic profiles (usually PVC) are naturally available in various options. As we are able to design and manufacture any profile for the final customer, according to the designers’ ideas, we do not want to impose a system or division in this case. Thus, we invite you for a technical consultation with our consultants in order to jointly develop a solution that enforces technological process.