Steel profile is often used because of its strength. It is used wherever significant forces are applied to the brush. Such construction also allows to use much heavier band brushes (e.g. height, diameter or type of filling material used).

Typology of these brushes is similar to brushes with the aluminium profile. We have the opportunity to offer to our customers any shape, filling material or application.

The profile is normally made of galvanized structural steel. High quality of galvanization assures us and our customers that standard working conditions will surely allow for the extended brush life. However, there are some cases where specific working conditions (e.g. aggressive PH environment) or FDA requirements when using them in the food or pharmaceutical industry force us to use profiles made of INOX steel.


soUNIQ, as a company directly involved in design and research work, has the opportunity to offer special shapes. For example, we can offer brushes with a steel profile in a cup shape, but also as a ring seal.


An example of a profile made of INOX – visible rounded shape, circle after folding, used as a trommel seal in the machine. On the profile you can see the mounting holes, made especially according to our clients’s order.

Strip brushes can also take the form of cylinders. This information is available in the roller brush section.